We have specialized services in areas of our successful experience.  If you have a propopsal, or interest in any of our portfolio, or are interested in a bit a help in accomplishing your goals… get in touch with us.

Capital Available for Investment

WE are actively looking for interesting deals / projects.  Direct lending, Equity, Partnerships… get in touch.

Panama Real Estate

We have Extensive Experience in Purchasing, Operations, Partnering, INvesting and Sales in the Following Panama Market Segments: 

Island properties, Historic District, Raw Land, Low Income Housing, Hospitality

California / Florida Real Estate

We have a 25 year Track Record of Successful Residential Real Estate Investing in these two States – including PUrchase/Sale, Fix/Flip, Development, Joint Ventures, Bridge/Hard Money Loans


We ar experts in Consulting / Coaching / Mentoring individuals/Funds seeking entry/exit from the markets we specialize in. 

We also Assist High Net Worth Families in Successfully trnasitioning Wealth fro One Generation to the Next.